Fountain Team – Nordicfountains

Our Fountain Team:


We support arcitects/designer concepts to make any water feature project go the right way:

  • Visual Support - We can support the concept with pictures, videos, illustrations and animation of water simulator.
  • Concept Development and Review your fountain project -Our team of designers can make the design of your water feature.
  • Technical parts - We can provide supporting technical documentation architectural details, product installation and specification.
  • Project Budget - Our team can help in start of project make an budget and make the fountain project more easy to fit in the budget frame.


Fountain Skarholmen stockholm - Nordic Fountains AB

Fountain Skarholmen stockholm - Design/build of the Fountain Team - Nordic Fountains AB


When you use our products, we stand behind you to ensure your fountain project work as we design - parts work:

  • We have full product support, quick answer one yor quest.
  • We have a lot of Photos/Videos - We can show for you.
  • We can provide  all technical information, we make mechanical and Electrical  flow diagrams, and other fountain information.
  • Full have  engineering and customer support teams for you.
  • We have long history design custom fountain, manufactured components for specific design or performance.

Have you some problem to create design ide or you have a old fountain to rebulid, technical problem - Contact our fountain team.

Interest in working in our fountain team contact us for an appointment.