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Discover Professional Fontana products among the following 4 main categories:


Fountain Systems


Prefabricated Fountain Systems

A wide selection of carefully designed fountain shapes, made of the highest quality materials and delivered pre-fabricated, pre-wired, ready for installation.

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Underwater Lights


Underwater Lights

An extensive range of Powerful
& Smart LED lights and Halogen lights for Fountains, Swimming Pools, Ponds & Gardens.
Ideal for architectural or event illumination.

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Spray Systems


Spray Systems

40 incredible water effects and dozens of accessories & pool fittings to choose from.

Dry Deck Fountains, Nozzles, Jumping Jets, Waterfalls, Pumps
& professional components like drains & suction strainers, made of Stainless Steel for exceptional performance, efficiency and corrosion resistance.

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Electronic Devices & Parts


Electronic Devices & Parts

The intelligent devices that make a fountain work reliably & safely day-in, day-out.

From fully automated Control Panels with Wind & Water Level automation to simpler, manual operation, to iPad controllable units.

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Custom Products

All Fontana standardised products can be customized according to customer requirements (e.g. 316 stainless steel, longer cable lengths, alternate mounting systems or spray patterns).

If however, you are looking for a unique water effect, nozzle, luminaire or anything related to water, Fontana also creates custom products. Since 1971 we have designed and manufactured extraordinary fountain equipment numerous times.

With the aid of cutting-edge software and machines we can quickly develop a unique component, comprehensively test it in our facilities and manufacture it in very short times.